If you saw Pacific Rim this past weekend, you'll know there's a huge reveal towards the end of the movie. Something that wasn't featured in the trailers. And we've got some exclusive concept art showing it, below.

Top image: Wayne Barlowe's concept art of the Exterminator Kaiju.

Last week, when we did our exclusive piece featuring Pacific Rim concept art by Wayne Barlowe and pages from the Pacific Rim art book, there was one piece of art we didn't include. A piece of Wayne Barlowe concept art that was too spoilery to post before the film came out. Here it is below:


Yep, it's Barlowe's concept of the Precursors, the mysterious race on the other side of the dimensional rift who are building Kaiju to attack our world and prepare it for colonization. What's cool is that Barlowe's concept is pretty much exactly what we ended up with in the final movie.


(Barlowe, of course, is the artist/writer behind the art books Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials, Expedition and Barlowe's Inferno, plus the novel God's Demon. We featured more of his work here, here, and here.)