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Exclusive Clip From Family Guy's Empire Strikes Back Has A New Lando

We've got the first exclusive clip from Seth MacFarlane's second Family Guy Star Wars spoof. Since Empire Strikes Back is the best of the bunch, MacFarlane is really going to have to bring it... and so far, so good.

The official name for the Empire Strikes back spoof is Something Something Something Dark Side, and it'll be on DVD & Blu-ray 12/22.


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Chip Overclock®

"Blue Harvest" amazed me not just because of the detail in the animation (which had to have been a labor of love) but because they used the original John Williams score, and used it so well. Sounds like this one is also going to as well. I'm embarrassed to admit I had forgotten how great the score was until I saw "Blue Harvest".

BTW, Mrs. Overclock (etc.) and I saw the "Star Wars Orchestra" perform selections from all the movies live when they played in Denver. We've heard the CSO perform some of it as well during their John Williams concert (conducted by one of his arrangers). Hearing motion picture scores — particularly full orchestral scores like Williams — performed live is an experience I recommend.