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Exclusive Amazing Spider-Man 2 Concept Art Shows Green Goblin's Genesis

Amazing Spider-Man 2 packed some really intense visuals, and tons of weird science over at OsCorp. Now check out some concept art that shows the designs for the Green Goblin and OsCorp's facilities, courtesy of artist Emmanuel Shiu — exclusively at io9!

We've featured Shiu's gorgeous artwork before, including some lovely spaceships and matte paintings. Below are a ton of designs for OsCorp laboratories, the power grid, and Spidey's attempt to reconnect an all-important wire. Check out tons more of Shiu's artwork at his website.


Update: All artwork removed at Shiu's request. Dang.

Click these to make them giant and beautiful!

Meanwhile, artist Jared Krichevsky posted a few images of what the Rhino could have looked like in the movie (these aren't exclusive to io9, however.) Check them out below, via Screen Crush:

[Rhino concept art removed at the artist's request.]

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I really don't get the negative reviews and general hate this movie is getting. Other than the whole conspiracy with Parker's dad, I thought it was a great comic book movie that really tried to delve into the toll being Spider Man has on Peter Parker's life. Got me right in the feels when they killed Gwen, too. And I even knew it was coming.