Excellent News: Steven Universe Is Finally Getting The Toy Line It Deserves

Here at io9, we’ve already clearly established that Steven Universe is pretty damn fantastic. But if you’re a fan of all things Crystal Gem, it’s been surprisingly hard to find merchandise based on the show—but thankfully, that won’t be the case for much longer.


Animation Magazine has revealed that Cartoon Network is teaming up with a variety of licensors to create toys and merchandise based on the show—and although there’s sadly no pictures available just yet, we do know what’s coming. Funko, naturally, will be making a series of Pop! Vinyl toys based on Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl, while Just Toys will create a line of blind-bag accessories and tchotchkes covered in Steven Universe branding—all due for release in time for the holidays this year.

Meanwhile in Spring of next year, PhatMojo will release a range of plush toys, and, in a super cool move, foam weapons (bagsy like, a million pairs of Garnet’s gauntlets!) for kids and kids-at-heart to run around and bop each other with. Bringing up the rear are Zag Toys, releasing a line of Collectible Minifigures. Be still, my beating wallet.


Even if you’re not a toy-nut like I am, if you’re a Steven Universe fan this is very good news. Networks are infamous for dropping shows that they can’t push toys for—Cartoon Network in particular, most notably after they cut down Young Justice too soon, because its increasing young female audience wasn’t the market to buy action figures. The fact that Steven Universe is now being greenlit for toy lines aimed at both its young audience and its older fanbase hopefully means a show of confidence on behalf of Cartoon Network, keeping the Crystal Gems on our screens for a good while longer.

Also, think about it: There’s going to be Lion plushies. That’s fantastic news, no matter which way you slice it.

[Via Animation Magazine]

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Stevonnie figure or bust!

Though its hard to say who I WOULDN’T want a figure for. Maybe Onion.