Exactly How Many Kinds Of Terminators Are There In Terminator 4?

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Today, we're indulging in toy spoilers (Terminator 4) and soundtrack spoilers (Dragonball). Plus the BSG clip you've waited for, and clips and dirt on Heroes, Eleventh Hour, V, Smallville and Dollhouse. What's next: hair spoilers?

Terminator Salvation:

We already blew your mind with those Japanese Terminator toys for kids. But some other Japanese toy ads give away a few spoilers. Most notably, there's a new look at the T-1, the T-600 and the T-700. (I don't remember any talk about the T-700 in the film before.) And there are the Harvester and the Moto-Terminator. Not only that, but it solves the mystery of the T-RIP figure, which was only shown as a silhouette in past ads. Turns out T-RIP stands for Terminator Resistance Infiltrator Prototype, and it's the T-800. Also, as with past figurines, there are some figures of Marcus (Sam Worthington) and/or Roland Kickinger, where they're cyborgified. Many more pics at the link. [Toys Revil]


Dragonball Evolution:

Here's the tracklist for the movie's soundtrack, which give some clues as to the structure of the storyline:

1) The Legend
2) Dragonball Evolution
3) Fulums
4) Kaiou Samma
5) Goku
6) Gohan's Special Gift
7) Master Roshi
8) The Journey Begins
9) Lighting The Torches
10) Vengeance
11) Chasing Dragonballs
12) Lord PIccolo
13) Mai Vs Chi Chi
14) A Higher Calling
15) Body Work
16) I Dream Of Chi Chi
17) Grime Vinyl
18) Unwelcome Strangers
19) Bulma And Yamcha
20) Things To Come
21) The Final Battle
22) End Game
23) Dragonball Evolution Main Titles


[DB The Movie]]

Piccolo actor James Marsters says the movie is based on Dragonball, not Dragonball Z, and thus Piccolo is young and virile. And he doesn't possess the superpower of "dismembering himself." [DB The Movie]


Battlestar Galactica:

Can you not wait until tomorrow night to hear Ellen Tigh say, "You got her PREGNANT?" Then here you go, courtesy of the Canadian trailer:


Grace Park explains what happens in the TV movie "The Plan":

It's more about the Cylon perspective, and so we went back and we dealt a little bit more with Boomer and some with Cavil. And that kind of threw me for a huge loop because there are a lot of scenes that aren't explained, so as actors we fill them in ourselves as best we can. And somewhere along the line, I think it was when I got the script for The Plan, they offered a bunch of new information that really didn't fit with what I had sort of built everything else on for the last four or five years. So I kind of feel like I've built a stick house on a pile of rocks that can all just fall down.


And reading between the lines, it doesn't sound like Chief Tyrol and Boomer get much of a chance to try and reconnect in these last few episodes.

Also, it sounds like the shooting on the show's last few episodes was even more chaotic than we'd realized, with a bunch of fairly crucial script pages going unshot, and some scenes getting shot in such a hurry that Park was switching back between Boomer and Athena before she'd even finished her lines. [Galactica TV via Galactica Sitrep]



Remember that mysterious clip we ran last spring, showing Tahmoh Penikett and Eliza Dushku interacting? It's from the pilot that got scrapped. But Penikett says he and Dushku do have some great scenes together coming up. Also, he says around the sixth episode, the show gets back on track with what Joss originally had planned, before the network started asking for changes. [Time Out Chicago]



There's a casting call for a "baby Matt." Could this be Matt and Janice's baby? Or Matt himself as a baby? In any case, maybe that's the baby we saw Hiro and Ando carrying around on set a while back? Also, the show's producers promise that Micah will be back. And "Rebel" will track Sylar down to get his help against Nathan - which could lead to the future we saw back in season one, with Sylar replacing Nathan. (Buh?) Episode 3x23 is called "1961," and it shows us the earliest origins of the Company. [Heroes Television]


Another casting call gives me hope that we'll be seeing more of President Worf. The show is seeking someone to play Liam Samuels, the president's Chief Of Staff, in episode 3x25. And there's also a young African American female aide to Senator Nathan, plus a Secret Service agent and a security guard. [SpoilerTV]

And here's a clip and some pics from Monday's HRG-centric episode. [The ODI]



In episode 8x16, "Turbulence," Jimmy freaks out when he sees Davis waking up from his coma, and has an angry outburst towards Chloe. Tess takes Clark in Oliver's private jet to an important press conference, and Clark tries to find out what Lex told her about him. Davis visits a cathedral where he confesses he's hurt people he cares about. And then in episode 8x17, "Hex," not only does Zatanna do a spell that turns Chloe into Lois, but she also makes Clark believe he's just a simple glasses-wearing reporter. And Clark accidentally reveals his feelings for Lois to Chloe. [OSCK]



Another casting call gives us the description of FBI agent Erica's partner Dale Maddox: "44 years old, Hispanic, Erica's partner in the FBI Counter Terrorists Division and a close friend. Like Erica, he's spent years tracking a variety of sleeper cells in the Los Angeles area. He and Erica go undercover to penetrate the anti-Visitor resistance group." [SpoilerTV]


Eleventh Hour:

Assuming the show gets a second season (which is up in the air), there are rumors that Marley Shelton is leaving the cast. [TV Guide]


Now that the show is jumping the shark by introducing a third Winchester brother (in an episode called "Jump The Shark," what's going to happen next season? Says creator Eric Kripke, "the boys take trips to London and Hawaii (haunted Tiki dolls!) and Sam and Ruby get married. And Ted McGinley joins the cast as the thoughtful (but hot!) college professor." I think he's kidding. I hope. [TV Guide]


Additional reporting by Alasdair Wilkins.

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