Ewan McGregor Weighs In On the Possibility of an Obi-Wan Movie Once More

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Ryan Coogler talks about where we find T’Challa going into Black Panther. ABC reveals a weird twist for its Jetsons reboot. Matt Reeves offers a tiny update on the progress of The Batman. Plus, a look at Mon-El’s new superhero getup on Supergirl, and hope for Agents of SHIELD’s future. Behold, spoilers!

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Reporter Yvonne Villarreal was able to ask Ewan McGregor about the rumored Obi-Wan spinoff during the red carpet at the Golden Globes.

Black Panther

Director Ryan Coogler discussed T’Challa’s headspace going into the events of his standalone movie after Civil War:

The film will take place basically immediately after Civil War. In many ways, he’s the same guy. What I think is more important, and I was talking to my brother Keenan about it, who works with me, you get to see T’Challa at almost from a ground level. You get to see him and how he is around the people who he loves, how he is when he’s comfortable.

In Civil War, he was outside of Wakanda. He was in a place that he didn’t want to be and his father gets killed. The whole film, he’s on a mission. He’s a man on a mission. He’s tortured; he’s of few words. I think that that was something that made him appealing in that film.


The Batman

During a recent episode of the Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith podcast, Matt Reeves revealed he has a story planned for his solo Batman film, but a script hasn’t been written yet. Baby bat-steps!

I am outlining. I have the story worked out, and I am outlining.

The Greatest American Hero

ABC President Channing Dungey reconfirmed that the previously revealed reboot of the Greatest American Hero is still in development during the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

We’re actually developing a reboot of The Greatest American Hero that stars an Indian American woman. That comes to us from Nahnatchka Khan.



The Jetsons

Dunning the same session, Dungey revealed the live-action Jetsons reboot will be filmed in front of a live studio audience, but still plans to incorporate “futuristic visual effects.”

That is what I’m really looking forward to hearing. The team has already had a number of conversations with Zemeckis and the rest of the group. They have some really good ideas about how they want to pull that off. I have not yet been part of those conversations because I haven’t seen the script yet. They don’t want to tell me how that works until I’ve read the pages.



Agents of SHIELD

Lastly, Dungey told Entertainment Weekly she’s “cautiously optimisticAgents of SHIELD will be renewed for a sixth season.

I would say I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s always hard at this point in January to know because some of it is also dependent on your new development and how you feel about those things, so that’s why it’s really hard at the top of the year to know exactly what’s going to happen.


Future Man

Good news! Future Man has been renewed for a second season at Hulu.


Star Trek: Discovery

Showrunner Gretchen Berg revealed to TV Guide that now that it’s been revealed he’s a Klingon in deep disguise, audiences will learn the secret identity of the mysterious Lt. Ash Tyler, “pretty soon.” It’s proooobably Voq, that mysterious Klingon we’ve not seen on the show for a while.



Finally, Mon-El suits up to join the Legion of Superheroes in a new image from TV Line.

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I’m getting tired of this season of SHIELD. They are just holed up in a giant space station. I know they are about 5 episodes or so away from number 100, which is when I assume they will get back to present time and I look forward to it. Just annoying they are stuck there for now. This was an issue for me too in Season 2 of Heroes. The asian guy was stuck too long in the past. Get them out of the future and start getting to what SHIELD does, screw things up on the entire planet. lol