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Evil Singing Robot Of Death Should Be Smashed With A Hammer

The Yamaha HRP-4C sings for the crowd this week at the CEATEC conference in Tokyo. What comes out of its mouth is pure evil: Listen at your own risk. Clearly the robot revolution will start with a song.

Gizmodo pointed out another robot that sings a little better, but no less creepily....


[via Dvice]

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In all seriousness, I'm kind of curious why some people find these robots so creepy and others find them cute. It seems that Westerners tend to favor the former and the Japanese the latter.

I once read a study that proported that the Uncanny Valley is in part a cultural construct.

Even if you look at our scifi the Japanese have far more examples of robots in helpful and protective roles while we tend to have more examples of them being dangerous and destroying us.

Fascinating stuff.