Evil Outer Space Dictators Just Want Kittens

At least one good thing came out of our Knight Rider watching last night, and that was this credit card commercial that we almost missed while whizzing by in TiVo light-speed. An evil galactic ruler and his army of red robo-clones stand poised for dominance, and he uses his newfound power to create his own credit card, complete with a picture of kittens on it. "WAR KITTENS!?" bellows his crazy eyed, exposed brain-circuitry sporting assistant.

The armies of evil look like Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still painted red and sporting fins, and we love the pre-packaged versions of them lined up behind the two evils. They look like something you might find in a toy store in the action figures aisle. However, it's the androidical sidekick who steals the entire commercial. From his excitement over War Kittens, to the way he "accidentally" blows up the space station in the background and says "Oops," we need more bad guys like this.

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Annalee Newitz

OMG I want some war kittens.