Evil Drug Company Hides An AIDS Cure So It Can Keep Selling Treatments

Look at Dean Cain's sad face in that screencap from this video. He's sad because he's learned that an evil drug company has been killing off all the former AIDS patients who were cured by their miracle drug. Because there's more money in NOT curing AIDS. Prepare for some truly ham-fisted polemics!


Yep, companies are evil. They're so evil, they would rather not cure people with AIDS. Even though people would probably pay through the nose (and their family's noses) for a cure. In the movie Phase IV, we learn that Phase III of the drug trials is to murder all the people who were cured in Phase II. But what's Phase IV, you may ask? (Or Dean Cain may ask. You're not in this movie.) Phase IV is where we go back to the status quo, as the evil Senator explains in the clip above. (Sadly, there are no supersmart ants.)

Sadly, the Senator has taken Dean Cain's family hostage, so he has to hand over the last sample of the miracle drug. Or... does he? Dean Cain is a master of ingenuity, who has rigged the field they're standing on to become a deadly electrical deathtrap when the sprinklers go off. Too bad the Senator shoots Dean Cain's wife, giving him a chance to bust out with a "Noooooooooooo" that Darth Vader would give his remaining hand for.


I got Phase IV on DVD for a dollar, a purchase I have had absolutely no reason to regret — and the purchase of this film was what made me decide the time had come for Dean Cain Week. (Especially when I realized I already had a few other Cainsterpieces, like FutureSport, on DVD.) Dean Cain Week is just getting started! (Actually, it's almost over.)

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I'm super confused as Phase IV has always been this: