Evil Cell Phone Wants You Dead But Has Reasonable Rates

New thriller The Echelon Conspiracy explains how Martin Sheen is listening into all your phone calls and texts — except for one magical phone that has the power to cheat at gambling.

The kid from A Walk to Remember(Shane West) gets a fancy cell phone thrown onto his lap, but no one will tell him who sent it. Turns out this cell is the only phone in the states that the government isn't tapped into. Plus it's artificially intelligent, like KITT — but evil, as in it cheats at gambling and will kill you the second you turn it off, so don't forget to charge it before you go to bed.

I'm not a huge fan of evil technology films unless they involve an evil steam roller, because they're often one giant ad. Plus why don't they just turn the machine off, death threats or otherwise? I think Russell Brand voiced my distaste for evil cellphone movies perfectly in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.


The Echelon Conspiracy will be released February 20, 2009.

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