Evil Aliens Kill First, Ask Questions Later In Project Grey

Murderous aliens with secret connections to the Russian government ruin an innocent vacation with their cold, emotionless black eyes and hearts in Project Grey. Five friends go on a weekend camping trip, but only one makes it out alive. When the sole survivor is questioned by the government he explains that his friends were brutally murdered by aliens. Of course the whole thing turns into a huge government cover-up with the CIA, Russian spies and weapons of mass destruction, as alien attacks so often do. Project Grey was created by a husband-and-wife team and shot almost entirely in their basement or outdoors. The special effects were done in their living room. So when is Project Grey coming to a theater near you?

This independent scifi thriller has been released in Japan and is coming out soon in Russia, Thailand and the Phillipines. Alas, a studio rep tells io9 we won't be able to see this flick until its estimated US release in December or January, this year. Made from nothing, funny accents, murder and floating eyeballs this thing has cult classic written all over it.[Project Grey]"


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