We can't wait until our brains are hardwired into cybernests, so we can fully appreciate the hilariousness of SpaceCollective's guide to skepticism about the Singularity. My fave part: This illustration, explaining how "extreme shit going down" leads to The Future.

Even Singularity cultists will be happy with Sjef van Gaalen's write-up, which is fairly gentle and sticks to skepticism rather than out-and-out debunking. And it's probably true that floating purple heads in space are the future. We've had hints of this for years now, from movie posters and comic books, so nobody should be surprised.


Actually, my favorite part is where van Gaalen discusses Ray Kurzweil's famous chart comparing computing power with different types of animal brains:

Chaos evangelist & axe-wielding maniac Bruce Sterling has a thing or two to say about this (see video below), allow me to paraphrase:

1. What the shit Ray? How exactly do you know an IBM PS/2 is as smart as a nematode worm? We don't even actually know what intelligence is, so this chart is kind of stupid.
2. Spiders, Lizards, Worms & Bacteria have all been around for millions of years already. Almost every electronic device on your chart is extinct. Think about that, there's your future, all dead & buried.

At this point it seems like Bruce is poised for flawless victory, but then he makes a bad move and pulls out his own chart. We all know that a chart for a chart leaves everyone bored, but I'll run this down very quickly.


Well worth checking out, not least because there are tons of links to let you follow the discussion down the endlessly recursive rabbit hole. [Space Collective]