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Everything you need to know about spotting (and not frakking) a Cylon

Life in the Colonial Space Fleet is tough. Supplies are low, child-trafficking is rampant, and the Cylons bent on destroying all of humanity are somehow able to disguise themselves as human. They could be anybody! Thus, the Caprica Colonial Fleet Training Series is proud to offer the above PSA to help you, the regular humans onboard the Galactica and other such ships, discover if you might be talking, working, or even frakking with a Cylon. One more tip if you need it: Set your iPod to play "All Along the Watchtower" in a deserted corner of the ship. Anyone who approaches the iPod is probably a Cylon, and should be immediately thrown out an airlock.


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Considering that someone frakking a Cylon was convinced to give up the defense codes for the 12 colonies so that a full scale assault could wipe out 99% of the population, that must be some damn good frakking. Who wouldn't want some of that frakking?