PBS Digital Studios has put together a fascinating video about the rise of AI that's packed with provocative insights.

We've addressed many of the issues discussed in this clip, including whole brain emulations and rule-based AI, the ethics of digital minds, and the prospect of an AI catastrophe. The video also addresses the potential benefits and risks of advanced AI, including better diagnoses and treatments, massive unemployment, robot caregivers, and the threat of a robot uprising.


To make the video, PBS spoke to four different experts: Ernest Davis, Department of Computer Science at NYU, Yann LeCann, Center for Data Science at NYU, Robin Hanson, Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford, and Gary Marcus, Department of Psychology, NYU.

Our question to you is this: How many scifi films and TV series can you name that are featured in the video? Oh, and it'd be cool to see how many of you can identify the robots and other technological gadgetry shown in the video, too


I'll start by naming this guy: Adam Z1.