The first trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier dropped earlier today, and it was a concentrated blast of awesome. Including massive destruction, heartbreaking injuries, and some clues as to the nature of the conspiracy that Cap faces. Our roundup of nearly 100 screencaps reveals everything you might have missed.

We start out with a cute moment with Cap and Black Widow aboard a Quinjet, with Black Widow trying to set Cap up on a date.

Cap goes and jumps out of the Quinjet, as if to prove that he's too busy for romance.

Watching him jump without a parachute are Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones (Frank Grillo) on the right. And I'm not sure who that is on the left — possibly SHIELD agent Jack Rollins (Callan Mulvey). We'll see more of these two in a bit.

From his palatial office overlooking the Washington Monument, SHIELD honcho Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) tells Cap that building a new world requires tearing down the old one, and that sometimes this makes you some enemies. Later in the trailer, Pierce also tells Cap that he helped shape the 20th century, and now they want him to do the same for the 21st.

Cap is wearing his "talking to the brass" uniform and clutching his belt buckle. Commenter justjimbo points out this is similar to the uniform Cap wears in the comics, when he comes back from the dead.

Cap and Black Widow, out of uniform, visit... ancient SHIELD facility from the Cold War.

This innocent looking building probably hides SHIELD's secret underground weapons base. (Update: Several people wonder if this is the Triskelion, SHIELD's base in the comics.)

A grim-looking Nick Fury gets out of a Quinjet and visits some secret SHIELD facility.

Black Widow shares a serious moment...

...with the Falcon (Anthony Mackie).

Those aren't just satellite photos and readouts that Cap is staring at. He's watching missiles hitting their targets.

And judging from Cap's reaction, those missiles are hitting civilian targets. Or at least, not bad guys necessarily.

Cap and Nick Fury descend in a secret elevator, to find Aladdin's cave of superweapons.

So. Many. Weapons. Commenter Doomsley wonders if that "42" jet is a reference to Marvel's "Civil War" comic, where the superheroes divide into two warring factions. Other people have pointed out that each of these helicarriers appears to have the number of a real-life decomissioned Naval carrier.

A friendly meeting between Pierce and Fury.

A cop shoots at...

...the Winter Soldier, who watches an explosion on the street. There are tons of casualties.

Someone's in surgery, and Cap and Black Widow are worried. Looks like Nick Fury? Makes sense, given what we're going to see happen to Fury's car in a moment.

Still in the hospital (note medical records on right) and Cap looks like he's made a hard decision.

The Helicarrier takes off, ready for a mission. (Thanks to everyone who corrected me on this one.)

We're back in Aladdin's cave of superweapons, from earlier, and Nick Fury is telling Cap that it's really good to stop bad things before they happen, by killing bad guys before they actually do anything bad. Cap isn't convinced.

These are the Winter Soldier's thugs. You can just glimpse the Winter Soldier himself at the far right.

The Winter Soldier does something to flip a car over, while he perches on the hood of a jeep.

We're supposed to think that's Black Widow trapped in the wreckage of the car.

The Winter Soldier advances on a completely different damaged car, ready to finish the job. This is actually Nick Fury's car, from later in the trailer.

Hanger opens to let the Quinjets fly.

More of that debate between Cap and Nick Fury.

More glimpses of Quinjets, and other amazing military hardware, right in the Nation's Capital:

This is the scene we saw at Comic-Con in full. Cap gets in an elevator with Crossbones, Rollins and some other guys, and slowly more and more guys get in the elevator, until he's surrounded. Cap figures out what's going on, and gives them one chance to get off the elevator.

And then? The mayhem begins!

Cap uses his foot to flip his shield up, among all the downed bodies...

...and it lands on his arm. No sweat.

Cap visits an exhibition about himself.

Then has an introspective moment about what he stands for.

Cap chasing someone through an office. This is clearly the same sequence as the end of the trailer, where he goes through a window chasing the Winter Soldier.

Cap using his shield to fight some armed bad guys. He's wearing his Avengers costume here, so this could be the start of the movie, TemporalSword speculates. Elsewhere, he seems to have a new uniform.

More explosions, with bodies flying everywhere. The one on the right looks like a cop, maybe?

Cap pushes Black Widow down to protect her from an explosion in an office building...

...and keeps her behind his shield for safety.

Then he's carrying her injured body, and looking pretty broken up about it. Note: Whisper points out that this is probably a different scene from the "Cap shields Black Widow from an explosion" scene, because they're wearing different outfits. This appears to be the same outfit Cap is wearing when he and Black Widow visit the old Cold War SHIELD base, in the pics above.

But hey, the ends justify the means, right?

SHIELD ops abseiling into some kind of facility. Looks like an office building, again.

Cap hiding under an overpass by a car, from some mystery attacker.

Winter Soldier takes a supergun from his guys, and we get a really good look at his apparently bionic arm, with the big red star on the shoulder. (Update: I thought this was the thing that launches the disc we see in a moment — but RicemanFTW says it's actually an M4 with grenade launcher.)

Nick Fury is driving his car...

...when the Winter Soldier shoots some kind of disc...

...which goes under Nick Fury's car...

...and clamps itself to the underside...

...with unfortunate results.

And that's probably why we see Fury in surgery.

This is the same car we saw Winter Soldier advancing on earlier, actually. Note all the holes. So maybe that wasn't Black Widow in the earlier car?

Probably the face that Cap makes when he realizes who Winter Soldier actually is. (Spoiler: It's Bucky, Cap's old partner from World War II, brainwashed and turned into a killing machine.)

Time to gear up, the Falcon tells Cap.

In a completely separate scene, Cap tells the Falcon it's time.

Then there's this standout sequence, where the Falcon faces a jet...

...jumps in mid air, while shooting...

...does a mid-air somersault...

...and engages his wings.

...with the jet in hot pursuit, shooting at him. Is that the Helicarrier they're flying around?

The Winter Soldier fights Cap hand to hand...

...and Cap seems kind of outmatched, even before the Winter Soldier pulls his knife.

Doing fancy knife tricks with it!

Cap just barely makes it through some security shutters on a base...

...before they slam shut.

Black Widow kicks a guy, somersaults...

...falls while shooting...

...and lands on her feet.

Cap facing off against a Quinjet...

...that is shooting at his bike.

Cap jumps in mid air.

Cap brings down his shield, and smashes someone or something. Hard to tell. He looks pissed. Several people have pointed out this is clearly his old World War II uniform, and it's likely he stole it from that exhibition he was visiting, because he no longer wanted to wear the uniform SHIELD gave him.

And now for several amazing shots of the Helicarrier going down. (Actually, as people have pointed out in comments, that's "Helicarriers," plural.)

As romakan says, "Captain America... Into Darkness!" Heh.

Cap plunges through a window chasing the Winter Soldier out of that office building we saw earlier...

...throws his shield...

...and the dude catches it. Good luck, Cap.