You’ve undoubtedly already seen last night’s jaw-dropping Suicide Squad trailer (if not, get to it), but there was so much awesomeness packed into it, that it was hard to catch every important detail. So we’ve gone through the clip frame by frame to discover every single secret contained within.

They start with Boomerang (Jai Courtney) asking to be let out of where he’s being kept. No bars or windows, so it looks like solitary. Thus begins a theme of how badly the members of the Squad who start out in prison are being treated, just in case you wondered why they’d be willing to volunteer for Amanda Waller’s team.

My, doesn’t Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) keep her hair looking nice while she’s in jail! Also, she’s reading a romance novel.

Our first look at Deadshot (Will Smith), who clearly longs to be outside.

Someone (Maybe Slipknot (Adam Beach) or, as meatwadf points out in the comments, more likely Killer Croc in a sewer cell) does some push-ups in an even dingier-than-usual cell.

El Diablo’s (Jay Hernandez) fire plays a prominent role in the trailer.

Yeah, Boomerang’s going a bit crazy locked in that room. And he’s being watched. Is it for reasons other than just keeping an eye on a prisoner?

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis): “I want to assemble a task force of the most dangerous people on the planet.”

In case you didn’t believe her, look how many guards are sent in to subdue Deadshot. And not only is he being restrained and beaten, it looks like Deadshot’s psyching himself up for something that happens to him frequently.

Since he has fire, El Diablo’s torture appears to be water-based.

And Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) is led into a room filled with surgeons in masks and gloves. Experimentation, possibly?

“What is this, cheerleading tryouts?”

In all seriousness, who ships a person—Boomerang?—in what looks like a mailbag?

Slipknot punches an FBI agent. This kind of feels like it might be a flashback.

“Deadshot. He... shoots people” says Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman), as he goes through prisoner files. Note the name of the prison—Belle Reve Penitentiary, the same institution in which the Suicide Squad is imprisoned in the comics.

The file says “Prisoner Movement Slip,” which could be people entering Waller’s care. And is that Cara Delevingne (who plays Julie Moon/Enchantress?) behind him?

“He’s a crocodile and he eats people,” he continues.

“Burns people.”

“You’re possessed by a witch.” The “you’re” seems to indicate that, yes, that is Delevingne with him.

“And she’s just crazy.”

A statement instantly proven correct by this scene of the assembled squad, where Harley says “What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry, the voices. Ha, I’m kidding! That’s not what they really said.”

Flag lets them in on the deal. This is mostly included for Will Smith’s semi-patented “Are you kidding?” hidden smile.

Heavy artillery while Flag explains that the team is going somewhere “very bad” to do something “that will get you killed.” Hence the name of the squad!

And this looks very much like a crashed plane.

This mysterious, swamp-like goo crops up a lot in this trailer—it seems to be whatever the squad has been tasked with dealing with. There were a lot of rumors recently that Julie Moon/Enchantress is actually not a member of the squad but the main villain of the film, using her magic to try and resurrect her brother and destroy the world. The goo certainly fits in with the Enchantress’ aesthetic.

Whatever they’re looking at has the team stumped—note that Enchantress is missing from this shot, which could support the abovetheory.

Flag and Deadshot (sans mask) go into a place that has been torn apart by something.

Something that leaves bloodspatter... and bodies. We see a lot of this particular subway station being torn apart.

Outside, something needs shooting. We get a glimpse of what that could be at the end of the trailer.

Harley waves goodbye.

Smith’s “Let’s go save the world” has a bit of an Independence Day delivery to it Also, something is burning in front of him.

And the Deadshot mask finally appears! It has barely a second of screen time in this trailer. Given that the actor under the mask is so famous, we have to wonder how much of it we’ll actually see in the film.

Killer Croc and Boomerang go at it. They appear to be fighting humanoid versions of the goop. People possessed by it? Magical constructs?

With a “I can’t wait to show you my toys,” the Joker (Jared Leto) appears. Hair very green here. Almost all of the Joker’s bits in this trailer look like flashbacks and not like they’re connected with Suicide Squad mission.

And this is cut so that it looks like the Joker is shooting at a giant eyeball and a big bald head. Given the strangeness on display, it’s also possible that these are the Joker’s henchman—they were in the first trailer as well, in a sequence that seemingly showed the Joker capturing and torturing Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a. Harley Quinn before her transformation.

The shot of the Joker with the gun that follows it has a completely different background, so it really does look unconnected. This is a pretty classic Joker tuxedo look, though.

The Joker and Harley are both in this car. This is the scene that the Batmobile was rumored to be a part of, with pictures of Batman riding along the roof of the car hitting the web last year. Is this where Harley gets caught?

The patch on this guy’s jacket says “Frost.” According to Imdb, this could be Johnny Frost/Pseudo Joker (Jim Parrack).

The Joker’s got a big light. Mostly, this shot gives you a great look at the Joker’s “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” tattoo.

Enchantress says “Let’s do something fun” in a building with a seal on the screen, which looks governmental and matches the White House seal. Menacing the government could be another sign she’s the big bad of this movie.

In the comics, Katana’s (Karen Fukuhara) Soultaker rips the soul out of anyone it kills and stores it in the blade, hence it’s name: Soultaker. Also, Katana can communicate with the spirits inside.

Deadshot shows off, with Waller in the background.

Boomerang ducks action with a drink.

Katana’s eyes go dark.

We see a few shots in the trailer of Harley dancing with this chain. In this get-up (which clearly calls back to the classic Harlequin diamond pattern of her cartoon origin), she’s either undercover or this is a flashback.

Something’s clearly going wrong here.

In the original trailer, these masked goons were part of Joker’s attack on whatever facility Harleen was working at. Is this meant to be Arkham Asylum, maybe?

Fistbump. Because.

The tile and pillars here match the devastation that Flag and Deadshot walk into earlier in the trailer. This also seems to be the closest full-on look we get to whatever they’re fighting.

What are the guys behind the Joker wearing on their heads?

Killer Croc menaces Katana. This seems like a bad idea.

This shot goes fast, but it’s of what looks like Doctor Harleen Quinzel falling onto a car. The glasses (and un-dyed, un-pigtailed hair) feel like a Dr. Quinzel clue.

Big battle scene.

More from the subway station nightmare, with a giant cable-like tentacle that has a similar look to the figure in the sliced subway shot from earlier.

El Diablo unleashes the fire in a big open stairwell, in an office building that looks like either a different scene to the subway battle.

This looks like Julie Moon right before she becomes the Enchantress (r while she’s on her way).

The Joker jumps into a vat and pulls Harley out. Either the dye in her hair is bleeding out or this is how she ends up with the blue and red hair in the first place and this is a flashback—there were plenty of rumors about this being ACE Chemicals, where not only was the Joker turned into the madman he is in the seminal comic story The Killing Joke, but also where he “creates” Harley by dumping her in a vat of chemicals.

And this is clearly something bad being released in the same general area where Deadshot had a gun in each hand and was firing at something.

Additional reporting by James Whitbrook

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