Everything That's Wrong with Nature

Sometimes humans really do seem like nothing more than tangles of metal, bone, and hair attached a digital watches. That's the uneasy message of Canadian artist David Altmejd's sculptures, which have made him a controversial but popular artist over the past few years. A lot of his stuff is techno-grotesque, which you can see below, but his scariest pieces are the sleek, shiny ones.

Here is a detail from one of Altmejd's bodies.


And here is another one of his half-metal, half-grotesque pieces.

But this one, featuring a bunch of mirror people in a mirrored room, is the one that really freaks me out. The people are all industrial-shiny surfaces, covered in scary spikes. They're like beautiful but deadly robots who came out a little malformed from the factory.


Altmejd has a solo exhibit coming up in London in mid-October.

David Altmejd [artist site]

Foot closeup via Eglantine.


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