Everything is Not Awesome: The Lego Movie Sequel Has Been Moved to 2019

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We’re going to have to wait a bit longer to see The Lego Movie 2. Warner Brothers has shuffled their upcoming film slate, pushing the movie back a year to 2019.

The Lego Movie 2, which was originally set to arrive May 18, 2018, will now arrive in theaters on February 8th, 2019. According to Variety, the company has moved several other films as well: Dean Devlin’s debut film Geostorm will be moved to October 2017, while Ben Affleck’s movie Live by Night is being bumped forward to January 2017.

While we might have to wait a bit longer to see the next Lego Movie, the move doesn’t seem to have affected the company’s other films about the property, Lego Batman and Ninjago, both of which are still scheduled to open on February 10th and September 17th 2017, respectively.


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Wait the real story here is that someone let Dean Devlin direct a movie.

It’s the second time that Geostorm has been delayed. The studio originally dated the film for Oct. 21, 2016. Geostorm marks the feature directorial debut of Dean Devlin, who teamed with Roland Emmerich to produce 1996’s Independence Day. ... Devlin also wrote Geostorm, which centers on a satellite designer who tries to prevent disaster when the world’s climate control satellites fail to function.

So it’s a world in which humans are using satellites to control the Earth’s climate, but then they break, and then the climate goes weird. This sounds like Dean Devlin is making his own Roland Emmerich film. I don’t know to properly respond.