Everything Is Crazy In This Defiance Season 2 Trailer

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Datak getting beaten up by cops! Irisa in prison! Stahma kissing Nolan! Nolan being extremely sexist! Lots of people in goofy Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-esque masks! Looks like everyone in Syfy's series has some craziness to deal with.


I'm cautiously excited about Defiance's second season premiere on June 19th. Despite the season finale being kind of terrible, the series showed continual improvement over the course of its first season. Even if it stumbles again, though, it'll be great to see Datak and Stahma Tarr — a.k.a. the alien MacBeths — back in action. Plus, don't forget that Linda Hamilton will be showing up this season as Rafe McCawley's ex-wife! Maybe she can set her two stupid kids straight.


[Via Blastr]

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The Tarrs as great. But then again, Datak's actor is one of my favorites ever since "Vincent and the Doctor."