Two very important things happened on Wonderland. One involves a female Rabbit character with breasts — voiced by Whoopi Goldberg. Oh and the whole plot flipped, which we think can be summed up in this one, very spoilery, clip.

And we thought the White Rabbit looked weird, behold the White Rabbit's entire family. We met these little creatures last night, they were kidnapped by the Red Queen, and this explains why the White Rabbit was forced to help the Queen. His family kind of reminded me of those creepy Annalee Mobilitee Christmas Decorations my family used to have. Creepy.


Anyway, they're all safe now so that's good. But in other news, the Knave is the new Genie and Cyrus is free. Sadly, I wasn't that jazzed when Cyrus and Alice connected. I was kind of meh about the whole thing. I thought I would have been more emotional.

I am, however, very intrigued to see how "Anastasia" takes the Knave-being-the-Genie thing. Also it looks like Jafar's thunder cloud was kind of for shit? All that ominous build up for ONE lightning bolt, magic — you're doing it wrong, Jafar.

Until next year, when we will probably be doing the same thing only with different people as the Genie.