Everyone's on Board for Another Season of The X-Files

If the show does come back, the first episode had better just be Chris Carter apologizing for that finale for an hour.

Fox chairman and CEO Dana Walden told reporters that the network has been in talks with Carter, Gillian Anderson, and David Duchovny for an eleventh season of The X-Files. “I believe everyone is on board to do another installment of the show,” he said.

Of course, both of the stars have packed schedules, so there’s likely to be a long pause before anyone gets around to actually making them. But given the ratings the revival got, Fox is probably going to do whatever it takes to squeeze more blood from that particular stone. Duchovny and Anderson should ask for Scrooge McDuck-levels of money.


Walden acknowledged the long road ahead, adding, “Hopefully this time next year we will have more news.” Hopefully, this news will be that Carter is not actually going to write any of the episodes himself.

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The finale was a fucking awful mess, and the penultimate episode wasn’t great (don’t you try and backdoor pilot me, Carter!).

However, I generally liked the rest of the revival, so I'd love to see it back.