Someone, somewhere at Hasbro, is regretting pretending to listen to fans in the wake of Star Wars fansite Rebel Scum announcing the final candidates in their action figure wishlist voting. I mean, I'm sure that knowing that you have an established fanbase for new toys is a reassuring thing, but how many random Target shoppers are really going to pick up a figure of Cliegg Lars? Check how geeky you are by seeing if you recognize any of the frontrunners in the voting after the jump.

Rebel Scum's wishlist poll is arguably a lesson in frustration in itself; it's not that the website has any particular "in" at Hasbro, they're just preparing to present the finalized wishlist to Hasbro representatives at SDCC in July and hope for the best. The voting is separated into three uber-categories (Original trilogy, prequel trilogy and extended universe) and then subsets within each category (For each movie, and one each for comics, novels, video game and "TV and other" characters), and some of the front-runners are surprising in just how obvious they are - Is there really no General Grievous toy from Revenge of The Sith, or Obi-Wan from The Phantom Menace? - but the majority of names being bandied around are particularly obscure. How many of the following would you buy action figures for?


The Phantom Menace
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Attack of The Clones
Cliegg Lars

Revenge of The Sith
General Grievous

A New Hope
Tonnika Sisters

The Empire Strikes Back
Bespin Security Guard

Return of The Jedi
Luke Skywalker in his Death Star 2 outfit

Comic books
K'Kruhnk from Dark Times

Video games
Bastilla Shan from Knights of The Old Republic

Darth Caedus from Legacy of the Force

TV and other
Captain Fordo from Cartoon Network's Clone Wars series

Voting is open to any and all right now. Vote early, vote often, but feel free to vote irresponsibly.


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