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This is a no-brainer: Neil Patrick Harris wants to be in American Horror Story Freakshow and Ryan Murphy has a part for him. Why hasn't this been made official yet?


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Speaking with EW Radio, Harris said, "I love crazy random freakshow stuff. That's what I love, I've always been drawn to it." When asked if that meant he was looking forward to the next American Horror Story, Harris said, "I wrote a letter to Ryan asking if I could be in it, even though I wasn't even available to be in it. And he never responded."


Well, Murphy has responded. And he responded to a letter via a tweet, as you do:

A) Harris may have said he wasn't even available, but he clearly wants it. And so do we, so let's hope he clears his schedule. B) We all know the part Neil Patrick Harris was born to play on this show is a magician, right?

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