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Everyone In Hollywood (Even Spielberg) Wants To Remake Last Starfighter

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Rumor has it, everyone in Hollywood has tried to remake or (even better) make a sequel to the 1984 scifi cult classic The Last Starfighter. But, so far, everyone has failed. And this quirky little Twitter exchange kind of explains why.


Earlier this week, a wonderful "modern" trailer for The Last Starfighter hit the internet, causing everyone online to clamor about the movie's greatness (because it is great). Screenwriter Gary Whitta (of the Star Wars film mentioned earlier today), Slashfilm's Peter Sciretta, and Seth Rogen all got into an interesting exchange about who has tried to get the rights to this project.


As rumor would have it, the movie's original writer, Jonathan R. Betuel, owns the rights to the movie (or at least to a remake or a sequel in name) and doesn't want it remade. And while we absolutely respect his right not to sell his work again, The Last Starfighter is just so ripe for a remake it kills us! Maybe one day he'll change his mind with the right person behind it. But if you can't say yes to Spielberg, who can you say yes to?

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I don't want a remake. I want a sequel.
All of a sudden there is a new updated Starfighter game, a MMOG, that leads to a COD/Starcraft/EVE style Vegas championship. Once the competition is done, the clear losers are escorted out of the room, and the remaining terrific players are all locked in. Alex appears and tells them all they've been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against a new enemy. They need pilots, commanders, and strategists because their best had been wiped out. When they call bullshit, he rolls in some alien friends to prove it and everyone is whisked away to fight the good fight.