Everyone Hates Sookie In ​True Blood's Season Premiere Sneak Peek

This weekend True Blood comes back for the last time ever. So where did we leave the good people of Bon Temps? Three clips reveal the new world order for the small town with most ridiculous concentration of supernatural activity. So get a glimpse of the beginning of the end now.


So first up, everyone hates Sookie. This is really more of the same. Jessica is dealing with the guilt from her fairy murder spree, which, yeah, that sounds about right. Will this ginger vamp ever find happiness? Probably not, no. And finally, Bill is basically wearing the same clothes from the premiere episode. FULL CIRCLE, YOU GUYS, FULL CIRCLE! MAKE NEW FRIENDS BUT KEEP THE OOOLD. ONE IS SILVER AND THE OTHER ONE'S GOLD!

I'll see you all Monday for the recap.

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