Everyone Hates Lee Adama

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I've been saying this for months: Lee Adama is by far the shallowest character on Battlestar Galactica that we've been tricked into liking, partially because of his sexy man-brow and ability to look hot while beating up girls. But now, Entertainment Weekly has fingered Lee Adama along with Squidward Tentacles, McDreamy and Lauren Conrad in their controversial list of "24 TV Characters Who Just Turn You Off." Honestly, if donning a fat suit was the most compelling character development that happened to you in four seasons, you've got issues — but I know how to fix Apollo, and why he's broken in the first place.EW put their feelings about Apollo pretty plainly:

The only reason I don't want Lee to die is that Laura would have to put up with Bill crying about it. All Lee cares about is appearing to be on the moral high ground. He has no integrity as a person. No wonder his father doesn't respect him.


Here, here! Finally someone is saying it, I heartily agree Lee sucks and god for so many reasons. Bad Boy For A Minute: Remember his bad boy attitude in the series premiere? It was so short-lived that I didn't care at all about his "I'm not my father's son" bad attitude. What happened to that? Because every moment after that he flip-flops massively on his feelings towards his dad, often for the most ridiculous reasons. He Is A Pussy: First off, the yelling and crazy jumping when Starbuck and Lee were doing the deed was so awful — and uncomfortable. Sure, it was cute when she was doing it because she's adorable but ugh, barf — just watching him take it again and again as Starbuck walks all over him is so sad, and not in a good way. He Was Cheating In A Really Lame Way: Starbuck is screwed up, there's no denying it. Who wouldn't be messed up after they were beaten by their mother, drugged and robbed of their ovary, and then imprisoned with a cylon and their supposed love child — only to find out that this child that has been holding your sanity together is actually not yours...or is it? Oh and then you die and come back to life. So yeah, she's a little off her game. So if she needs to find relief from her mistaken marriage in the arms of a childhood friend, then so be it. But what's Lee's excuse? Sure, a lot of his family is dead, but so is EVERYONE'S. Give me a reason to root for you, Lee, because right now watching you half heartedly cheat on your wife and then inexplicably leave her is snoresville. He's Preachy: Oh god who could forget the 10-minute monologue that was Lee Adama testifying at Baltar's hearing? Sure he made a lot of really valid points, but why is he the only one that gets to talk about this? And forever, no less. Plus his ridiculous "little lost lamb" act in the world of politics is insulting. He's watched people die in battle for chrissakes, is he really that naive? And then when he does finally "get it" that his attempt at strong-arming President Roslin with his whole "the people have the right to know" BS is boring and totally misguided. Again, your father is Big Man Adama — do you not see how this works stop with the moral rationale and get your hands dirty pretty boy. His high and mighty act is exhausting. But hey don't take our word for it: according to the podcast for Revelations, Ron Moore himself was confused on the direction for Lee. Apparently making him wear hideous suits and spout off dollar-store morals was the way to go.

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How would we fix this problem? Simple. BRING BACK FAT LEE. The loss of Fat Lee Adama in one episode was the worst thing that could ever happen to Apollo. Watching Lee lounge around and get soft was totally riveting. Plus the disgust his father had for him was a whole new and interesting angle that was actually plausible. Not just the usual "Wah, I'm mad at my dad" crap. So you heard it here first — Fat Lee wins over regular Lee any day. Plus then maybe he'll have to get some new suits. [Entertainment Weekly]

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Annalee Newitz

Mostly I like having Lee around so Starbuck can destroy him emotionally from time to time. She needs a punching bag.