Everyone Goes Dark On Heroes

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With the third season of Heroes only days away, we're still getting hints over just which Heroes are going to switch sides and be tempted by the dark side this time around. If you believe all the rumors, it seems as if every regular character on the show is going to get down with their bad self at some point over the next thirteen episodes - even if it means jumping through ridiculous plot hoops to get there. Spoilers below on the next suspect of evil.According to SciFi Wire, another potential Hero heeding the siren song of wrong this season will be Mohinder Suresh, the show's powerless moral compass. Suresh himself, actor Sendhil Ramamurthy, explains:

Everybody has a little bit of an evil side. They have a little bit of a dark side, even people who are good. And you are going to see that part of a lot of the characters that you thought were fundamentally the 'good' on the show, and not just the Suresh character, but other characters as well.


The first step down the troubled and rocky road of evil? Suresh giving himself superpowers in the first hour of Monday's season premiere. Because, if there's one truism that superhero movies and TV shows like to adhere to, it's that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Unless your name is Peter Petrelli, in which case absolute corruption is counteracted by absolute emo pouting. Will Heroes' Suresh Go Dark? [SciFi Wire]

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Man, I keep trying to remember how great season one was, but my overwhelming feeling is just...blah. The buzz on season three only reminds me of the direction season two went. Instead of PLOT there seems to be a lot of reliance on plot TWISTS & instead of characters there seem to be a lot of caricatures. Drat.