Seriously. At this point, the main cast are all pretty much ensnared in some kind of love pentagram. Entwined in a fiendish macrame of love. But mostly, Wednesday night's Tomorrow People convinced me that this show is only really great when Astrid is around.

First of all, many apologies that this recap is so late. I tried to write it yesterday, but life got in the way. In any case, "Limbo" was a pretty fun episode, in which Stephen actually got called on his jackass behavior and the show suddenly remembered that this guy still goes to high school. This show still seems to be groping towards finding the right tone, but last night's episode felt like another step in the right direction.

In "Limbo," Astrid talks Stephen into having some fun with his superpowers, but she doesn't like what he turns into as a result. And neither does Jedikiah, who turns off Stephen's powers for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, everybody deals with the fallout of Cara and Stephen sleeping together. And there's a creepy rapist Tomorrow Person who's grabbing women off the street, teleporting them to a sewer, and having his way with them. Urk.

You could argue that juxtaposing "Stephen is abusing his powers to win basketball games" with "this rapist is abusing his powers to assault women" is kind of an odd choice on the show's part — as is often the case in these sorts of shows, the "A" plot and "B" plot sort of compliment each other, but it's a weird fit this time around. Also, Stephen's new irresponsibility includes not seeming to care that there's a rapist out there, who needs to be caught.

On the other hand, it's good to see Stephen acting like a normal teenager, and the final confrontation between him and the rapist guy is actually pretty awesome and intense. Stephen figures out where the rapist is, and goes after him alone, with no powers. And gets his ass kicked, basically.

In any case, the main reasons to love this episode all had to do with Astrid, who's ass-slapping maneuver is now the stuff of legend. See GiFs, via DailyTomorrowPeople:


See? Now THAT is a great moment in television.

So yeah, the love macrame... basically, Astrid loves Stephen, Stephen loves Cara, and Cara loves both Stephen and John, and John loves Cara back. And Jedikiah loves that random Tomorrow Person that we don't know much about. It's pretty clear that Stephen doesn't deserve Astrid, who is way too awesome for him. Also, Cara doesn't deserve John, who's basically the only decent and sensible person on this show and is constantly bitched out for it.


So yes — I am creating a new ship right here, right now. I am shipping John and Astrid. They are the two best characters on this show, and they totally deserve each other. (If you ignore that one bit where Astrid flipped out after seeing Stephen teleport from the train tracks, which was totally out of character.) I'm a Jastrid shipper. (Jastron?)

Oh, and when Stephen was drowning after having his ass kicked by rapist guy, he saw his father in some kind of telepathic vision. So his dad is around the sewers somewhere? Using running water (which we just learned is a shield against telepathy) to hide himself? I guess we'll find out soon.


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