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Everybody loves the new Ms. Marvel*

Illustration for article titled Everybody loves the new Ms. Marvel*

[*Except for Stephen Colbert.] All copies of Captain Marvel #17, which contains the first appearance of the brand-new Ms. Marvel, have sold out on the distributor level a mere two days after the issue was released. That's a very good sign for the teenage Muslim shapeshifter Kamala Khan, her own series debuting next February, and the diversity of the comics medium in general. Yay!


[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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I hate to be the cynical one, but I suppose it's my lot in life. While I certainly hope that the series and the character can find a large enough audience to sustain it, you can't trust large initial sales. Speculators have a tendency to crash the marketplace whenever new titles or characters are launched. They buy up these issues in the hopes that they can turn an enormous profit from the resale, at a later date. It would be nice if the cruel world we live in proves me wrong, but I don't think it will. Check back with Ms. Marvel's sales figures at around issue #6. That'll be a better barometer for determining if the series has a chance to endure.