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Everybody is trying to kill Bill in three new True Blood clips!

Everybody is trying to arrange a True Death for dear old Bill Compton on True Blood, it seems. Meanwhile, Bill has found time to wash his face, put on a clean henley, and walk around with a brand new shit eating grin. Welcome, Bill Compton The Worst 2.0. And two other clips show some quality Pam-and-Eric bickering.


I swear to god, if they continue this Eric and Pam problem this season is going to be even worse than the summer we spent inside the Bedknobs and Broomsticks store. True Blood returnsthis Sunday — BE THERE .

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Having seen only 2.5 seasons of this show.....

What the hell happened?! I gotta get to watching....although if I catch up depends on the answer to this question:

Is Lafeyette alive or dead?