The first ever footage from this summer's all-new True Blood has been released in a new trailer and clip. And it looks like everybody is getting naked, crankin' jokes. And wait until you see what Hoyt and Jessica are doing.

So in that new trailer we saw naked Sookie, naked Eric, a naked Jason, and a naked sweaty and scream panting Alcide... yep it's True Blood time! We also picked out a bit of witchery, along with more Jason werekitty moments.


But more importantly, HBO has also released an entire Jessica and Hoyt clip. Naturally, Hoyt is running around all over town, saying things like "this woman" and threatening to beat up mobs of humans who have shown up to protest at Fangtasia because of the infamous Russell Edgington newscast. Surely it will get much worse than that — but in the meantime enjoy this totally gratuitous hero boyfriend porn (click below to watch).

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