Everybody Cut Loose, Force-loose, Kick a Praetorian Guard in the Caboose

Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

When thinking about the Star Wars universe, real world pop culture doesn’t normally come to mind. But one fan has taken an epic scene from The Last Jedi and paired it with popular music that has no right to fit this well into the galaxy far, far away.

Twitter user @rachlikesbands has put together a slew of musical accompaniments to the outstanding Praetorian Guard fight from Rian Johnson’s film. First up, the classical stylings of Mr. Kenny Loggins and his famous “Footloose” tune.


I’ll let the rest speak for themselves.


There’s lots more but I’m going to end on this one because of reasons.


This isn’t the first time talented fans have paired film scenes with drastically different music. Remember Oscar Isaac’s Ex Machina dance? Or David Harbour’s dad bod grooving in Stranger Things? Or Pennywise, the Dancing Machine? We’re hoping this trend doesn’t end any time soon.

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