Violent masturbation,
sad masturbation, priest rape, surprise limb removal โ€” American Horror Story: Asylum was stuffed to its bleeding black nun eyes with all this crazy. Slashfilm's Antisocial Commentary, has compiled all the crazy from season 2 of AHS into one hyper cut video. We kind of want someone to set it to "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.

Here's the full list of crazy (what did they miss?)

Surprise limb removal
Surprise trap door
Surprise misogynist suicide
Nun sex fantasies
Electroshock therapy
Murder dungeon
Violent masturbation
Sad masturbation
Adult breastfeeding
Semen in the face
Serial killer with the dumbest name ever
Copycat serial killers
Copycat serial killer killing copycat serial killers
Demonic Possession
Sexy devil nun priest rape
Metaphorical incest rape
Zombies (or whatever)
More surprise limb removal
More adult breast-feeding
Evil murderous nun
Evil murderous child
Evil murderous Santa Claus
Anne Frank
Anne Frank being lobotomized
Botched coat hanger abortion
Angel of death
Musical number
Nazi suicide (by oven)
Priest being crucified
Touching family reunion