Every Ultraman You've Ever Loved, United At Last

We've been waiting for the 1960s Tokyo TV show Ultraman to become a big-screen movie for ages, and finally the Science Special Search Party is reactivating. And thank goodness, the new version is still stuffed to the brim with fantastic kaiju characters. But that's not even the best part: Ultra 2008 hasn't contracted Hollywood's raging reboot fever. This Ultraman takes place years in the future and stars every single Ultraman that's ever existed — all eight of them. I'd like to see Dark Knight do that! [Ultra 2008 via Twitch]


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@kolacek: Captain Cosmic & 2T2! Faster than a speeding BART Train! Those were the days: Space Giants, Spectre Man, Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons. However my favorite was Johnny Sokko & His Flying Robot. What kid doesn't want a 200 foot robot that you control with your watch. I even remember getting teary eyed on the final episode when the robot disobeyed Johnny's orders and sacrificed himself to save the Earth. Good Times.