Every Skywalker Family Reunion Needs This Amazing Death Star Cornhole Game

Every family reunion is full of awkward discussions, especially if your reunion consists of your twin sister, who you kissed on more than one occasion, and your dad, who cut off your hand. Unless you have a killer potato salad recipe, this amazing custom cornhole game is your best bet for having a good time.


Built by the folks at Hyperdyne Labs (who are better known for their custom lightsabers), this version of cornhole recreates the classic Death Star trench run scene from the original Star Wars by having players try to throw beanbags in its thermal exhaust port. A direct hit is rewarded with flashing lights, sound effects, and lines taken from the actual movie.


Don’t bother reaching for your wallet, though, because this is a one-off creation that Hyperdyne Labs won’t be selling. As incredibly detailed and elaborate as the game is, there are clearly some copyright issues that would need to be worked out with Disney and Lucasfilm before its creators could start producing and selling these en masse.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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Cat Tarsus Sinus

While very, very, very cool looking, that would get old pretty darn fast when you’re playing. Major respect to the folks that built it though. Impressive, most impressive.