Every Single Mental Thing Ian McShane Screams as American Horror Story's Santa, in One Video

I thought I had seen an unhinged Ian McShane — I mean, I've seen Deadwood. But I had no idea what would happen when McShane stepped onto a truly crazy show: basically, no rules. American Horror Story gave McShane a Santa suit and let him off the leash. We've rounded up some of the best bits up into one compact video for your viewing pleasure — and yes, there are Santa ejaculation jokes.


Spoilers ahead...

What could I say about this episode? Not much really. The aliens stopped by again and got Grace's body. Apparently they were low on terrible murderers with cute Bambi faces. This whole episode was really just an acting exercise for McShane and Jessica Lange (who sadly did not get NEARLY enough one on one time with the wacky Santa). It was intensely fun to watch American Horror Story bundle up all its plots into one Santa sack, and then hand McShane a bat and shriek, swing away Merrill. It's just violence on violence.

I'm now completely under the impression that if Jessica Lange wanted to take her character down an emotional journey where she snorts coke off Cthulhu's tentacled reproductive parts, the crew on American Horror Story would allow it. As long as she was monologuing about the whippings her character received from a nasty old Hobbit who lives in the space in between the wall and the back of the couch. This is a crazy place for crazy people to try crazy things, and then be rewarded with cigarettes.

Not that, that's a bad thing. I would watch this episode 22 times over before you could make me rewatch the last few weeks of Once Upon A Time. AHS might be careening off the rails, but it's doing it with talent and style. You can't help but stare.


I still cannot decide whether this season's storyline is brilliant or an incoherent mess.