Every Possible Secret About the Dark Knight - Revealed!

Click to viewToo many trailers and viral marketing schemes have turned the public mind to muck when it comes to what's what in upcoming Batman movie The Dark Knight. So we've made it easy for you: We've put together all the spoilers and secrets about this flick, and have tried to answer the most burning Dark Knight questions. Plus, we tell you what you'll need to know about Batman back story before plunking down your $15 US for this flick. Spoilers ahead.


Where does the story pick up?

Gotham is getting a little bit better with the help of Batman, Lieutenant James Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent. The three work together and start busting a corrupt police force and ending the crime wave. Gotham's criminals are running scared, which leaves the perfect opening for Batman's greatest nemesis, The Joker, to enter. Meanwhile Bruce Wayne has moved into his fabulous Wayne Penthouse (where we later see him moping in his bat-helmet) while Wayne Manor is getting repaired.

How Crazy Is The Joker?

Completely. In a place where the underworld is circling the drain it was ripe for Joker to step in, strip down the mob bosses and become public enemy number one. He flinches at nothing and has one goal in life, bring chaos to Gotham. He's not in it for the money, which he happily sets ablaze on the streets of Gotham. Some people believe that the money that the Joker steals in the first 6-minutes shown on IMAX is a small part of the giant collection of the mob's money, which he holds hostage to get them all to work with him. The Joker will stop at nothing to have his way and in order to reach his goal Batman must be executed. In a recent trailer The Joker calls upon the Bat to de-mask himself, or he'll start killing people one by one. Which many believe leads to the blowing up of Gotham City's Hospital (no telling if it was full of patients or not), more Gotham Banks and The Police Station. I believe Alfred said it best in the teaser: "Some men just want to watch the world burn."


Who's The Funeral For?

In one trailer, two large guns perch atop a funeral procession. The streets are filled with police officers in their best attire. According to the internet rumors Gotham's mayor (Nestor Carbonell) gives a speech, there is a salute and then, as the trailer shows, mass panic. Who's dead, my money is on Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb. It would flow nicely with Gordon's promotion and if Batman is framed for the job would explain the police's sudden hatred of all things Bat-related. The comic has him being dethroned from his Commissioner's chair for corrupt ties to the crime boss Carmine Falcone. But Falcone made his exit in Batman Begins thanks to the Scarecrow. Either way we know he's gotta make way for Gordon's rise. The internet rumors agree with this idea before, Loeb was even told that he's marked for death by the Joker, and drinks to it in the movie.


Is The Joker Always Wearing The Face Paint?

No, according to on-set reports Heath Ledger was seen in Joker incognito donning a police dress outfit with minimal make up and in police dress. I believe this has something to do with the mass panic that sets in after the funeral procession. We know that the Joker also likes to dress up as a female nurse and as pseudo-batman.


Who Are All The New Characters?

To the left of The Joker at his meeting with Gotham's crime bosses is Eric Roberts, who plays Salvatore Maroni. Now that Falcone is out of the picture Maroni is the number one. Maroni is also the gentleman who splashes acid all over Harvey Dent's face when he's being prosecuted in court. Now, we haven't seen any signs of there being a court room where this infamous comic book scene can happen, plus the most telling trailer shows Dent face down in what one would assume is gasoline (it's not directly burning him at the time). But that still doesn't mean Maroni isn't behind it. On the other side of the table is the other crime boss Gamble and his many body guards. If you look closely at the first trailer for Dark Knight you can see The Joker holding one of Gamble's bodyguards head in his hands and yelling at them (and they're big tough guys). Anthony Michael Hall plays Mike Engall. He's an intensely jealous TV reporter who is hell bent on becoming Bruce Wayne (he even drives the same style Lamborghini as Wayne in the movie). In his obsessive reporting on Wayne, he discovers the truth about Wayne and decides to out him to the public. But the Joker threatens his television station with a bomb scare should he out Wayne before Joker can get a stab at him. The last character I'm excited to see is Barbara Gordon Jr. (batgirl) though Gordon's kids in the Dark Knight are supposed to be very young, it still would be fun to get a glimpse of her.


What Other Bad Guys Will Be In The Dark Knight?

There has been a lot of speculation about the return of Scarecrow in the beginning of the film. Empire Magazine even pointed out that in the picture above it appears as if Batman is landing on the hood of a car driven by the Scarecrow. There are also other reports that The Riddler will be making a quick cameo as Mr. Edward Nygma. Rumors even went as far as to speculate that Anthony Michael Hall will be The Riddler, but we now know he is the reporter. Still that doesn't mean we won't see both villains in the movie. And for those of you worried about bad-guy over crowding, no worries rumor has it the Scarecrow and The Riddler's screen time will be brief.


What's With All The Batmans?

Batman's popularity leads to a lot of copycat Batmans running around the city. The Joker uses this to his advantage and so do a lot of the minor characters. Mostly it really pisses Bruce off and leads to a lot of mistrust from the police (which could be why Gordon is scene taking a hatchet to the Bat-light.


When Do We Get To See Two Face?

We're not going to get a fast changeover with Two Face. Harvey's white knight reputation is tarnished in the wake of crumbled hospitals, and a rapidly expanding list of casualties is making him look like a wimp and not a savior. He cannot compete with utter anarchy (neither can Gotham's police for that matter). Like many people in Gotham, Dent starts to slowly lose it. Some even speculate he will turn to murder even before he gets horribly scarred. His lack of control is probably the reason Rachel Dawes felt the need to give the damage control press conference. The end of this movie will most likely be the ultimate reveal of Two Face. My guess is you won't even see the whole disfigurement until almost the very end of the film which will lead right into the third. But it was leaked that Chris Nolan was shooting many scenes with Aaron Eckhart acting once as Harvey Dent, and again as Two Face. This could mean watching Harvey slip into his split personality way before he gets disfigured.


Does Rachel Dawes Die?

Rachel's death is only thing I can think of that would drive Batman to tears besides reliving each film's inevitable flashback to when his mommy and daddy were brutally murdered in front of him. No one can be certain whether the scene in the green-tinted trailer where Bruce sits looking into his helmet shows him actually crying, but it looks like he's on the verge of it. Still in the above picture it is revealed that Joker throws Rachel Dawes off a building. But I'm sure it's just another moment where Batman gets to show off his wonderful toys, and save the girl.


What Happens To Our Favorite Sidekicks In This Batman?

The secret meetings between Lucius Fox and Lau (Chin Han) have been kept secret, but a lot of fans are speculating that Lucius' friendship with Bruce is put to the test this time. But what about Alfred? Do we finally get to see him kick some butt? According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly Michael Caine gave us hope for a few quick Alfred punches stating that there will be an altercation between The Joker and Alfred.


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