Want to travel into the future of particle physics, but don't have that Higgs boson-powered time machine in working order yet? Check out this chart (below), which shows the insanely huge physics experiments that come after the Large Hadron Collider.


Symmetry Breaking's Barbara Warmbein explains that the slide comes from Jean-Pierre Delahaye's presentation last week at the International Conference on High Energy Physics. She explains:

It is probably the first slide ever that lists all possible future projects in high-energy physics around the world along with their states of readiness, assembled especially for the last-but-one talk at ICHEP. Jean-Pierre's future is everything from pink to bright green – pink meaning a project in an R&D phase, blue a project on its way to conceptual design, yellow a project on its way to technical design, red under construction and green projects under operation. The projects are also classified by kind, so accelerators with similar physics goals are grouped together, with proton accelerators, linear colliders or B factories all on top of each other for easier overview.

via Symmetry Breaking

Image via The Large Helical Device Project.