Every Great Apocalypse Mixed Together Tastes Awesome

From the moment the voice over intones, "First the world was NORMAL . . . and then the APOCALYPSE came," you know that the web series Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 is basically going to be the most awesome thing you have ever seen. With production values that spare no expense on everything from tin foil to what looks honestly like CGI claymation (huh?), this show obeys the two cardinal rules of apocalyptic B-movie mastery: 1. Have mutants; 2. Have ninjas; 3. Have a guy inexplicably dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. OK three rules. Anyway, we've got the first episode for you, plus the cheesetastic movie poster designed by Marc Palm. What's the plot of Steel of Fire Warriors 2010? It should be completely obvious. There was an apocalypse. Civilization fell. Now evil Mutantzoids rule the "old world" (i.e. cities). Two "steel of fire" ninjas must fight the Mutantzoids after their brethren are destroyed by them. Fighting!!! Plus other stuff. The dialogue is hilarious, the effects are deliberately and awesomely laughable, and the dorky 1980s-style synth score is perfect. Click to view Created by Seattle sketch comedians Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt, Steel of Fire Warriors is definitely one of the year's best B-movies — right up there with Zombie Strippers. That's how excellent this is, kids. Check out the whole series.


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