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Every Game Of Thrones Scene Broken Down By Book, Chapter And Episode

Illustration for article titled Every emGame Of Thrones/em Scene Broken Down By Book, Chapter And Episode

Have you ever wondered exactly how far the show has taken the various storylines of A Song of Ice and Fire books? Redditor Jonnyi94 broke it all down in this amazing chart, which reveals a great deal about how the show has evolved over the years.


Click here to see the graph in its hi-res glory.

You can see how strictly the show followed the books with it first started out, but also how it has slowly expanded its scope as its continued, especially reaching into A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons for future storylines, to keep certain characters from disappearing on the show (as well as to keep actors from wandering to other roles, too).


It'd been interesting to add a section in the graph that also somehow included the new storylines created for the show, although I'm not exactly sure how you could do that effectively and keep the same visual effect.

Thanks to Ked for the tip!

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something prickly about the headline. But to put a finger on it may draw the authors blood.