Every Doctor Who-themed wedding should have a K-9 ring bearer

We always love to see couples share their love for geeky things on their wedding days, but until now, we didn't know what was missing from all those Doctor Who weddings: a remote-controlled K-9 in a bow tie carting the rings down the aisle.

Kelsie Curtis' father made her this extra-special wedding gift, adding a bit more Whovian charm to the festivities. Sure enough, K-9 delivered the rings to the altar.


Cutis' father also made a TARDIS for the cake, with sonic screwdriver cutter:

And the groom wore TARDISes on his cuffs as well:


Photos by Laske Images. Head over to the Mary Sue for more pictures from the happy day.

Doctor Who’s K-9 Was the Ring Bearer at this Geeky Wedding [The Mary Sue]


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