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This year's Doctor Who Christmas Special may have doubled its Doctors, but it still wasn't the most watched show in the UK on Christmas Day. That honor belongs to the return of another SF double-act.

The Next Doctor may have had an estimated 11.71 million viewers - a drop when compared with last year's Voyage Of The Damned (which has 13.31 million), finally providing scientific proof that David Morrissey isn't as cute as Kylie Minogue - but that was only enough to net second place. The show that gained ratings victory? A Matter Of Loaf Or Death, the first new Wallace and Gromit short in thirteen years.


It's easy to see why the return of Nick Park's stop-motion twosome topped the ratings; not only is it the first time the characters have appeared in a new TV project in over a decade, it's the first time the British icons been seen at all since 2005's movie The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Compared with that, the fourth Doctor Who Christmas Special in a row seems a little... familiar, despite how good it was. We'd suggest that Russell Davies may want to keep the Doctor's profile low in 2009 and maybe come up with a big event for next year's special episode - A regeneration, say - but we think he may have realized that already.

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