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Even the great ones will meet their demise

Illustration for article titled Even the great ones will meet their demise

Even with a few goofy feathers sticking out of its back, T. rex was the greatest predator of the late Cretaceous period. It may have had the cunning of a raven, combined with the mass of a truck. Still, this formidable creature cried just like a sparrow sometimes. And it could do nothing to prevent its species' doom.


This T. rex was created by German artist Wolfgang Keim. See more on his Deviant Art page!

Spotted on Fuck Yeah Dinosaur Art!

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Annalee Newitz

Corrected: T. rex was from the late Cretaceous, not the Jurassic, as previously stated. My apologies. I am more of a Triassic person than a Jurassic and Cretaceous person. That is my excuse!!!