Even the Geniuses at Hot Toys Cannot Truly Capture the Glory of Oscar Isaac's Face

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Hot Toys’ expensive, yet gorgeous figures are known for their often jaw-dropping likenesses. The intricately detailed figures are almost like little homonculi, and we’ve frequently joked that they’ve basically captured the souls of the actors they’re depicting. But sad news ahead: Not even Hot Toys could get Poe Dameron quite right.

While Hot Toys has been producing figures based on The Force Awakens and now The Last Jedi for the past three years, the officially-recognized second best X-Wing pilot in Star Wars history has been noticeably absent from the company’s otherwise excellent set of offerings. Hot Toys did recently tease that at long last Poe would be getting his own figure, but the headsculpt was deliberately kept secret. Now, pictures of the figure from Tokyo Comic Con, where it’s on display at Hot Toys’ booth, have emerged, and... well. See for yourself.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s a high quality sculpt. But it’s not quite Oscar Isaac. There’s just something off about it that, as an avowed lover of Oscar Isaac who’s been waiting years to give Hot Toys the opportunity to drain my wallet of any and all funds with a demented glee, suddenly makes me hesitant. Maybe it’s the eyes; he kinda looks mildly hungover. Maybe it’s even just the angle, or the lighting, and it’ll look better when not trapped inside a glass box at a convention booth.

It’s fair to say that there’s still plenty of time for Hot Toys to tweak this sculpt—after all, the company hasn’t officially “unveiled” the figure yet, so this is still a prototype. Certainly, adjustments could be made before it goes on the market. But an inability to capture Oscar Isaac’s likeness is not a new thing for Poe Dameron merchandise, which has depicted his dashing visage with various levels of... hmmm. Like, say, the time Hasbro thought Benicio Del Toro had been cast as Poe instead and released whatever the hell this is meant to be:

I bought it anyway. I have a problem.

Is it possible the internet’s latest Star Wars boyfriend is just too handsome for this world to be rendered in sculpture? Maybe. If Hot Toys can’t do it, who can? We’ll keep you up to date on all the latest obscure Poe Dameron toy news as we learn it, because of course we will.

[AmiAmiHobby via Toyark]


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