Even the Cast Has Trouble Explaining Legion in a New Video

Image: Legion, FX

Legion is a TV show that is so out there and complicated that its cast isn’t quite sure how to describe it. Thankfully, executive producer Noah Hawley seems to know what’s going on, even if no one else does.


FX’s new first look video at Legion gives us the most comprehensive look yet at this new series, and it looks amazing, weird, and eclectic. In the video, after the cast makes jokes about how they don’t know anything, Hawley also gives the best description of the series we’ve seen yet, saying, “This is a show about a man named David Haller, who has been diagnosed as a schizophrenic and has spent the last five years in a psychiatric institution. He begins to get the sense that he may not be crazy, that he may have these abilities.”

There’s a lot of footage in this video, with a lot of unusual angles and color. The show promises a lot of questions about what is real and what is only in David’s head. Given how orange the almost-certainly-a-delusion dance sequence is, I wonder if color is going to help us sort out the real from the fake in this series.


There’s also a bit of a scene that we’ve previously glimpsed in the trailers. It shows David using his powers in what looks like an escape attempt from a bunker.

This feels pretty squarely in the X-Men realm and, if I were a betting person, looks like David leading a bunch of mutants away from somewhere. It’s not the glass house overlooking things that we seen Jean Smart’s character, Melanie Bird, lecture David in. But it does look like a similar forest.

That said, this is just speculation since “David Haller is a mutant and has trouble with reality” is pretty much all we officially know about this show.


Legion premieres on FX on February 8.

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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This looks phenomenal. Can’t wait to watch.