Last week, the BBC aired a special TV movie version of The Borrowers, which featured some lovely performances. Christopher Eccleston was brilliant as Arietty's father Pod, and Stephen Fry pulled out all the stops (and then some) as the unscrupulous Professor Mildeye.


But the show was darn near stolen by The Misfits' Robert Sheehan, as Spiller, the cocky young so-and-so who's hired to guide the family, and later to protect Arietty. He basically plays Nathan from Misfits, except he's a few inches tall and wearing a bright red jacket with a humongous zipper on it. In the best scene, featured above, Spiller and Arietty are sheltering at the home of young James, who finds them a nice doll's bed to stay the night in, inside a shoebox. That's all the setup Nathan (I mean Spiller) needs to get his seduction on. Or, rather, not.

This version of The Borrowers took a lot of liberties with the source material — I don't believe Mildeye is a professor in the books — but it's enough fun that you pretty much don't care. Here's one more clip:

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