Even Sheena Easton Understands That Time Travel Creates Alternate Timelines

I wish Sheena Easton would sit McG down and explain time travel to him. In this terrible Outer Limits episode, she understands perfectly that when someone traveled back and changed her future, it created an alternate universe... of adult-contemporary music.

In the episode "Fallen Star," Easton plays a washed-up rock star who used to play in front of 80,000 people, and now she plays to small nightclub crowds. She's about to kill herself, when a mega-fan from the future travels back to stop her. It turns out that in the future, not only have they discovered time travel (by inhabiting the bodies of people in the past) but they've also ruined music. Everybody just listens to cookie-cutter bland music — not the vibrant adult-contemporary "quiet storm" slow jams that Ms. Easton belts out. It's a tragedy.


But by preventing Easton from killing herself, the time-traveling fan totally changes the future — it's now a better world for your great-grandchildren to grow up in, because everybody's listening to songs like the one you can hear Easton singing at the end of the above clip. Easton's character still has to die, of course, but luckily her backup singer randomly dies and they're able to transfer Easton's consciousness into the backup singer's body — so she can inspire the world, with lyrics like, "I'm growing stronger/Like a flower in the rain/I can feel the power/I can see the light/I can hear my heart telling me/It's going to be all right."

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Chip Overclock®

Hey, she sang the opening theme song to a Bond film: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Okay, so she's no Shirley Bassey. It wasn't a great theme song. And the film was among the weakest of the Bond films. But still, she gets props in my book.