Even More Screenwriting Tricks And Tropes That Need A Nice Long Rest

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Yesterday, we brought you a list of screenwriting tricks and tropes we never need to see again. And afterwards, people tweeted some stuff that we're incredibly embarrassed we missed. Here are more overused gimmicks that really do need to go away.


1) "Don't psychoanalyze me!"

Also, "Is this some kind of sick joke?" (Julie Molina)

2) "I think I just threw up in my mouth a little."

That doesn't actually happen that often in real life. (Marc Bernardin)

3) "I think you need to see this."

Why not just tell us what the character needs to see? Also, "Captain, you'd better get down here." (Marilyn Lynch)

4) Need to steal a car? No worries, the keys are under the visor!

If you do this in real life, you might want to stop. (Tricky B)

5) "You missed." "No I didn't."

The hero fires at the villain, and it looks like the hero missed. Oh no! But actually, the hero was aiming at something behind the villain. Which explodes. Or sabotages a machine. Or sets off some other chain of events. (Randi Misterka)

6) Mystical child holds the cure to a disease, or key to problem.

Bonus points of she/he is bald or doesn't speak. Or fits in a suitcase. (Sleestak)


7) People play a game of chess during a thriller, to convey this is a complex situation.

Especially if it's a thriller set in the Middle East, because people need to be reminded that shit is complicated. (James Rawson)


8) Villain tells hero, "You know, we're the same."

Unless they're actually clones, or versions of the same person from an alternate universe. Then carry on. (Leigh Singer)


What else you got?


A character carrying a dead or wounded person to an inappropriate place just to show another character the consequences of their decision or events that just happened: