Even MORE Doctor Strange Set Pictures Reveal Chiwetel Ejiofor as the Villain!

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Will some people reunite in the next season of Game of Thrones? No, Amazon didn’t accidentally reveal a Force Awakens character’s surname. Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi deny scary Doctor Who rumors. Plus, Superman returns to Supergirl, new Warcraft pictures, and Sam Mendes may leave James Bond. Spoilers!

Doctor Strange

A few more set photos from filming in Nepal have made their way to the Internet, giving us more of Benedict Cumberbatch’s bearded Stephen Strange—and, surprisingly, Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character: Baron Mordo, one of several villains rumored for the film. Check them out below.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A recent—and hilariously over-priced—Amazon marketplace listing for a puzzle featuring Finn has been driving speculation wild, as it describes the Puzzle as portraying... the son of Lando Calrissian. The assumption is that, as it is a product being sold directly by Amazon, the description was legitimate, accidentally revealing Finn’s lineage.


However, the product isn’t actually sold by Amazon, merely fulfilled by it: the description comes from a third party retailer, who likely added the description in an attempt to push the price up of the item (which usually retails for around $5-10) based on speculation that’s all over the Internet. [Comic Book]

The Little Mermaid

Chloe Moretz has allegedly been cast in Universal’s adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale. [Coming Soon]


James Bond 25

Sam Mendes has said that SPECTRE will likely be his last involvement with the franchise:

A sense of completeness that wasn’t there at the end of ‘Skyfall’, and that’s what makes this feel different. It feels like there’s a rightness to it, that I have finished a journey.



Neon Demon

Here’s the first picture from Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming horror movie about a model whose vitality is stolen by soul-sucking L.A. fashionistas. [/Film]


Alice Through The Looking Glass

Here’s a few new character portraits for the film—there’s more at the link. [/Film]



Following the film’s trailer debut at Blizzcon last week, Legendary has released a batch of new high-res pictures from the film—you can find a few more at the link. [Cosmic Book News]


Game of Thrones

Joe Naufahu’s character has been revealed, thanks to the actor’s Spotlight CV—he will be play Khal Jhaqo, a character very briefly mentioned way back in the show’s second season, but unseen up to now. [Watchers on the Wall]


Actors David Bradley, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Sophie Turner, and Maisie Williams have been spotted together in Belfast by fans on the show, sparking speculation that the characters—specifically the Stark children—could be filming scenes together for the show. Nothings been confirmed, and it’s perhaps unlikely to expect such a development in the sixth season, so treat this as pure speculation for now. [Watchers on the Wall]

Doctor Who

Following recent rumors that the show would not return for a full season next year—most recently including claims that Peter Capaldi has requested the season be cut in half to allow him to work on other projects—both Capaldi and Steven Moffat have vehemently denied this. Here’s Moffat, speaking to the Radio Times:

We’re making a full series. I can confirm that. I’m making a full series of 12 episodes, plus a Christmas special. I don’t know when it goes out. That’s up to someone else. And even if I did know – which I genuinely don’t – I wouldn’t be allowed to say so as I have absolutely no say in it whatsoever. [But] it’s not being reduced in size. We’re not making fewer episodes. That’s all complete bunk. I can confirm that absolutely.


And here is Capaldi refuting in a similar manner to BBC News.

Speaking at the Lucca Comics and Games Convention, Moffat also said that Clara’s exit will be a very final one:

Clara is gone and will never return. I will not reveal any forecast about her fate. I can only say that what will happen will shock, terrify and surprise. Strictly in that order.



However, speaking to the BBC, the showrunner did discuss a character he would like to see return to the show: Ingrid Oliver’s Osgood:

I love the character. I’d be very surprised if we didn’t [get her back on the show], because I think she really works and I think Ingrid is great in the part(s).


[Blogtor Who]

Bob The Valkyrie

The CW have announced a new “dudebro comedy” about a man who gets chosen to become a legendary warrior tasked with saving humanity called a Valkyrie—a role usually occupied by a woman, tasking the titular Bob with defending Earth and “getting in touch with his feminine side”. [Deadline]


Agents of SHIELD

Mark Dacascos has been cast in the recurring role of Giyera, SHIELD’s head of security. [Gateworld]


The Walking Dead

The titles and short synopses for episodes six and seven have been revealed:

Episode 6.06 - Always Accountable

Daryl, Abraham and Sasha encounter many obstacles and a new threat while trying to return to Alexandria.

Episode 6.07 - Heads Up

Alexandria is finally able to begin pulling itself back together; peace is embraced between the two groups.


[Spoiler TV]


Patrick Ness discusses his upcoming Doctor Who spinoff:

The main character is someone brand-new. There’s lots and lots and lots of brand new. Because that’s what I want to see. I want to see somebody come up with something new.

The way I write books, is… I know the last line of the book, and I already know the last line in the first season of Class. And I know there are things on the way that I’ve already written, or I can’t wait to write. So I’ve got all the episodes plotted out. I’ve got many many things written – and it’s really exciting! I wish I could tell you details, but it’s too early for details.


[Radio Times]


The show has been renewed for a third season, slated to appear on Syfy next year. [Spoiler TV]



TV Line reports that Tawny Cypress has been cast as Miranda Cane, a Senator who is “peddling her anti-alien beliefs to garner votes” that has to accept Supergirl’s help when National City comes under attack.


Here’s a new TV spot for “Fight or Flight”, featuring a blurry cameo from the Man of Steel himself.


Finally, here’s a sneak peek clip from “Lost Boys”.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Game of Thrones.


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