Morning SpoilersIf thereā€™s news about upcoming movies and television youā€™re not supposed to know, youā€™ll find it in here.  

Will some people reunite in the next season of Game of Thrones? No, Amazon didnā€™t accidentally reveal a Force Awakens characterā€™s surname. Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi deny scary Doctor Who rumors. Plus, Superman returns to Supergirl, new Warcraft pictures, and Sam Mendes may leave James Bond. Spoilers!

Doctor Strange

A few more set photos from filming in Nepal have made their way to the Internet, giving us more of Benedict Cumberbatchā€™s bearded Stephen Strangeā€”and, surprisingly, Chiwetel Ejioforā€™s character: Baron Mordo, one of several villains rumored for the film. Check them out below.



Star Wars: The Force Awakens

A recentā€”and hilariously over-pricedā€”Amazon marketplace listing for a puzzle featuring Finn has been driving speculation wild, as it describes the Puzzle as portraying... the son of Lando Calrissian. The assumption is that, as it is a product being sold directly by Amazon, the description was legitimate, accidentally revealing Finnā€™s lineage.


However, the product isnā€™t actually sold by Amazon, merely fulfilled by it: the description comes from a third party retailer, who likely added the description in an attempt to push the price up of the item (which usually retails for around $5-10) based on speculation thatā€™s all over the Internet. [Comic Book]

The Little Mermaid

Chloe Moretz has allegedly been cast in Universalā€™s adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale. [Coming Soon]


James Bond 25

Sam Mendes has said that SPECTRE will likely be his last involvement with the franchise:

A sense of completeness that wasnā€™t there at the end of ā€˜Skyfallā€™, and thatā€™s what makes this feel different. It feels like thereā€™s a rightness to it, that I have finished a journey.



Neon Demon

Hereā€™s the first picture from Nicolas Winding Refnā€™s upcoming horror movie about a model whose vitality is stolen by soul-sucking L.A. fashionistas. [/Film]


Alice Through The Looking Glass

Hereā€™s a few new character portraits for the filmā€”thereā€™s more at the link. [/Film]



Following the filmā€™s trailer debut at Blizzcon last week, Legendary has released a batch of new high-res pictures from the filmā€”you can find a few more at the link. [Cosmic Book News]



Game of Thrones

Joe Naufahuā€™s character has been revealed, thanks to the actorā€™s Spotlight CVā€”he will be play Khal Jhaqo, a character very briefly mentioned way back in the showā€™s second season, but unseen up to now. [Watchers on the Wall]


Actors David Bradley, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Sophie Turner, and Maisie Williams have been spotted together in Belfast by fans on the show, sparking speculation that the charactersā€”specifically the Stark childrenā€”could be filming scenes together for the show. Nothings been confirmed, and itā€™s perhaps unlikely to expect such a development in the sixth season, so treat this as pure speculation for now. [Watchers on the Wall]

Doctor Who

Following recent rumors that the show would not return for a full season next yearā€”most recently including claims that Peter Capaldi has requested the season be cut in half to allow him to work on other projectsā€”both Capaldi and Steven Moffat have vehemently denied this. Hereā€™s Moffat, speaking to the Radio Times:

Weā€™re making a full series. I can confirm that. Iā€™m making a full series of 12 episodes, plus a Christmas special. I donā€™t know when it goes out. Thatā€™s up to someone else. And even if I did know ā€“ which I genuinely donā€™t ā€“ I wouldnā€™t be allowed to say so as I have absolutely no say in it whatsoever. [But] itā€™s not being reduced in size. Weā€™re not making fewer episodes. Thatā€™s all complete bunk. I can confirm that absolutely.


And here is Capaldi refuting in a similar manner to BBC News.

Speaking at the Lucca Comics and Games Convention, Moffat also said that Claraā€™s exit will be a very final one:

Clara is gone and will never return. I will not reveal any forecast about her fate. I can only say that what will happen will shock, terrify and surprise. Strictly in that order.



However, speaking to the BBC, the showrunner did discuss a character he would like to see return to the show: Ingrid Oliverā€™s Osgood:

I love the character. Iā€™d be very surprised if we didnā€™t [get her back on the show], because I think she really works and I think Ingrid is great in the part(s).


[Blogtor Who]

Bob The Valkyrie

The CW have announced a new ā€œdudebro comedyā€ about a man who gets chosen to become a legendary warrior tasked with saving humanity called a Valkyrieā€”a role usually occupied by a woman, tasking the titular Bob with defending Earth and ā€œgetting in touch with his feminine sideā€. [Deadline]


Agents of SHIELD

Mark Dacascos has been cast in the recurring role of Giyera, SHIELDā€™s head of security. [Gateworld]


The Walking Dead

The titles and short synopses for episodes six and seven have been revealed:

Episode 6.06 - Always Accountable

Daryl, Abraham and Sasha encounter many obstacles and a new threat while trying to return to Alexandria.

Episode 6.07 - Heads Up

Alexandria is finally able to begin pulling itself back together; peace is embraced between the two groups.


[Spoiler TV]


Patrick Ness discusses his upcoming Doctor Who spinoff:

The main character is someone brand-new. Thereā€™s lots and lots and lots of brand new. Because thatā€™s what I want to see. I want to see somebody come up with something new.

The way I write books, isā€¦ I know the last line of the book, and I already know the last line in the first season of Class. And I know there are things on the way that Iā€™ve already written, or I canā€™t wait to write. So Iā€™ve got all the episodes plotted out. Iā€™ve got many many things written ā€“ and itā€™s really exciting! I wish I could tell you details, but itā€™s too early for details.


[Radio Times]


The show has been renewed for a third season, slated to appear on Syfy next year. [Spoiler TV]



TV Line reports that Tawny Cypress has been cast as Miranda Cane, a Senator who is ā€œpeddling her anti-alien beliefs to garner votesā€ that has to accept Supergirlā€™s help when National City comes under attack.


Hereā€™s a new TV spot for ā€œFight or Flightā€, featuring a blurry cameo from the Man of Steel himself.


Finally, hereā€™s a sneak peek clip from ā€œLost Boysā€.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Game of Thrones.