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Even More Death Is Coming To The Walking Dead!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Rinko Kikuchi talks about Mako Mori's role in Pacific Rim 2. Fantastic Four gives us a better look at the team's new outfits. Suicide Squad may have found its Deathstroke, and Joss Whedon talks Age of Ultron. Plus set pictures of Krysten Ritter in action on AKA Jessica Jones, and Supergirl's secret identity. Hot spoilers!


Top image: The Walking Dead.

Pacific Rim 2

In an interview with Coming Soon, Rinko Kikuchi had little to offer about the sequel: What's the current status of Pacific Rim 2?

Rinko Kikuchi: (laughs) I hope I will be in it, but I haven't heard anything about Pacific Rim 2.

CS: So Guillermo hasn't gotten in touch with you?

Kikuchi: No, I think he wants me to be in the movie, but I'm not sure. There's a lot I cannot talk about.


Star Wars Episode VIII

In the same interview, she offered a little bit of info on her trying to get in on the next Star Wars movie:

CS: Word just dropped a few minutes ago that Disney has confirmed a May, 2017 release for Star Wars: Episode VIII. Your old buddy Rian Johnson is confirmed to direct as well.

Kikuchi: Wow. Right. I e-mailed him almost a year ago, I really wanted to join them, but there's no role for me. I think he had an idea, because there was supposed to be a role for a Japanese and maybe I thought there's something there, an idea might be there, but apparently there's not!

[ Coming Soon]


This followup movie won't actually be a sequel, but a prequel, which covers the origins of Samara, years before the events of the remake of The Ring. [Bloody Disgusting]


Toy Story 4

Josh Cooley and John Lasseter will co-direct the film. [ First Showing]

Miss Peregine's Home For Peculiar Children

Production has begun on Tim Burton's adaptation of the Ransom Riggs novel. [ Coming Soon]



James Bloor is apparently in talks to play Ike, a "budding young maniac" who could also be a candidate to take up the leathery mantle of the titular killer along Sam Strike's previously cast character. [ The Wrap]


Suicide Squad

According to Cinemablend, Joe Manganiello is close to signing on to play Deathstroke.


Avengers: Age Of Ultron

In two different interviews with Marvel's youtube channel, Joss Whedon talks about working with James Spader on the movie and the process of constructing the movie's story — including the limitations of continuity, and how the story doesn't draw on a single storyline from the comics.

Fantastic Four

Total Film has a set of new pictures giving us a better look at the 'outfits' the team wear - here's Sue Storm, and go here to see a few more. [Games Radar]

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The Age Of Adaline

Here's a series of posters showing how Blake Lively ages (or more accurately, doesn't) - see plenty more at the link. [First Showing]

Illustration for article titled Even More Death Is Coming To iThe Walking Dead/i!

The Walking Dead

The Spoiling Dead Fan group has some spoilers for the next episode, Spend, revealing that apparently not one, but two characters will bite the dust: recently introduced Aiden, and Noah:

While on a run to some sort of warehouse that contains electrical products (they are looking for some sort of replacement part), Deanna's son Aiden, (the self-proclaimed douchebag) shoots a walker that's wearing riot gear multiple times at a close distance. Aiden ends up shooting a grenade on the walker's body by mistake. (Oopsie!) After the smoke clears, we see that Aiden has become a human shish kabob as he is impaled on a pole. Tara is knocked unconscious and starts bleeding from the head. After a failed attempt to help Aiden, he is munched on by some walkers. Eugene to the rescue! He scoops up Tara and carries her to safety.

Now for the second death - Got your Kleenex handy? No? Ok we'll wait.. Ready, now? Along with the death of Aiden, we will also lose Noah much like many of us predicted. Noah and Glenn get trapped in what looks like an office building. Noah gets trapped behind a glass wall of sorts and Glenn watches as Noah's face is pressed up against the glass while some dirty walker fingers go into his mouth and his cheek is ripped apart. Goodbye Noah, we will miss your face.


Falling Water

USA has given this "mind-bending" show a pilot order. Here's a brief synopsis:

A mind-bending thriller intersecting reality and unconscious thoughts, FALLING WATER is the story of three unrelated people, who slowly realize that they are dreaming separate parts of a single common dream. Each is on a quest for something that can only be found in their subconscious — a missing girlfriend, a son, a way to communicate with a catatonic mother. However, the more they begin to use the dream world as a tool to advance their hidden agendas, they realize that their visions are trying to tell them something and that their very real lives are at stake.


[Multiple Verses]

Agents Of SHIELD

Jeff Bell sat down with Entertainment Weekly to reveal a poster for the next episode:

EW: The first thing that struck me about this piece is how much it looks it could be the cover of a graphic novel—just very cleanly drawn with muted colors, and the way Cal's team is assembled, you can tell they all have distinctive personalities.

JEFF BELL: It could definitely be a big spread inside, or the cover of a comic. But I just love Coulson surrounded by villains, and the giant Cal looming over, and S.H.I.E.L.D. behind him. This was a different episode for us. We're pretty serialized, and every now and then you want to find a way to take a little detour that keeps the emotional life of your story going, but you want to explore other corners. And this one really does that. We're spending a lot of time with Cal in this episode, and his friends.

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The 100

Jason Rothenberg talks about what's in store for season 3:

Are we done with the Mountain Men and Mount Weather?

Everybody is dead. The only survivor of Mount Weather is Emerson. He's out there, Lt. Emerson, probably to play a role. The Mount Weather story has been told. One of the things, I say often, I, as a storyteller, get bored if things aren't changing. Season 1 and Season 2 were very different and Season 3 will be as different from Season 2 as two was from one.

We will always continuously change this world, build this world out. We're talking about a whole planet that experienced that 97 years ago and has been changed as a result of it. I love the idea of continuing to sort of broaden our horizons, see new environments and meet new groups of characters and begin to explain what happened in the first place 97 years ago?


[Buddy TV]

Richard Harmon has been promoted to series regular. [Spoiler TV]

The Originals

Here's some titles for upcoming episodes:

2.17 Exquisite Corpse (6 April)

2.18 Night Has A Thousand Eyes (13 April)

2.19 When the Levee Breaks (20 April)

[Spoiler TV]

The Vampire Diaries

From the same Spoiler TV post, 6.19's title is Because.

Shadow Hunters

Rumors imply that ABC has ordered the show straight to series. The show is currently issuing casting calls for the roles of Clary, Jace, Simon, Alec, Isabelle, Jocelyn and Valentine ahead of filming beginning in May. [Spoiler TV]



Here's a synopsis for "Inside Man":

DEAN AND ROWENA FACE OFF AGAINST EACH OTHER — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) follow up on a lead about the Mark of Cain. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) meet.


[Ksite TV]

Once Upon A Time

Regina goes undercover to infiltrate Maleficent's group in this TV Line exclusive clip from Enter the Dragon.



The sixth episode of season 2 will be called "Ill Met By Moonlight". [Spoiler TV]


12 Monkeys

Here's some dialogue teasers from the next episode, Tomorrow:

"Florida is not going to fix this."

"I can't change the path you're on."

"There is no future. Get it through your head."

"This mission is preordained."

"I've been waiting for you."

"Do you remember the first year underground?"

"The thunder of fallen men. Our fathers forfeiting their world."

[Spoiler TV]

The Flash

Captain Cold and the rogues return in these promo pics from Rogue Time - go here to see more. [Spoiler TV]

Illustration for article titled Even More Death Is Coming To iThe Walking Dead/i!
Illustration for article titled Even More Death Is Coming To iThe Walking Dead/i!


Speaking of The Flash, here's a trailer that combines it with iZombie.

Here's a lengthy video interview Rose McIver conducted with Ksite TV.


Here are some promo pictures from Suicidal Tendencies - find more here. [TV Line]

Illustration for article titled Even More Death Is Coming To iThe Walking Dead/i!

Oliver Queen is brooding and bow-wielding in this new poster. [CBR]

Illustration for article titled Even More Death Is Coming To iThe Walking Dead/i!

AKA Jessica Jones

Check out some pictures of Kristen Ritter filming on location, at the link. [Getty Images via Coming Soon]



And finally, once again Melissa Benoist dons her Kara Danvers getup in a set picture from

Illustration for article titled Even More Death Is Coming To iThe Walking Dead/i!

Additional reporting by Diana Biller and Charlie Jane Anders.


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